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THE right temperature
for your STorage demand

Using air as refrigerant, the Ultra-Low-Temperature-Store (ULT) made by KTI is the most innovative product on the market for storing vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive substances. It is a flexible, mobile and reliable storage solution for vaccine manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, logistics & distribution centers and research institutes. The ULT can easily be transported, installed and commissioned at a new site or as an extension to existing cold stores - wherever and whenever needed. With the ULTs by KTI, temperature-sensitive substances can be stored at the optimal temperature with a range between -30°C and -110°C.

with natural refrigerants

The mobile ULT-Store uses an innovative, efficient and sustainable air cycle refrigeration technology. The refrigeration machine is based on the Joule-/Bryton process with air as refrigerant. Its core component is an oil-free compressor-expander-unit, which compresses and expands on the same shaft for energy recovery. Air as refrigerant is natural, available and free, non-toxic, non-flammable and safe for humans and the environment! 

The ULT-Store is designed as a "Box-In-Box"-system, which consists of an air lock zone at -20°C and the ultra-low-temperature section at up to -110°C. This two-chamber principle avoids high infiltration of heat and humidity from the outside air and guarantees the best possible efficiency.    

Built inside of a CSC-certified 40 ft. container, the ULT-Store can be easily transported and relocated worldwide without assembly or commissioning work - wherever and whenever needed.

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